ITC Royal Bengal & ITC Sonar present the ‘Art of Celebration’ paying an ode to the cultural heritage of Bengal


    Kolkata: At ITC Sonar, pay tribute to the age-old sholapith craft of West Bengal. The unassuming herbaceous Shola plant grows wild in the marshy waterbound Sundarbans. Beneath its hard outer bark it has an inner core that is soft and milky-white. This spongy, malleable and lustrous Shola is intricately crafted into delicate figures, artefacts and ornaments. Traditionally used to adorn and embellish, the Shola headgear of a bridal couple is amandatory element in a Bengali marriage. The Shola Christmas Tree at ITC Sonar is an unique amalgamation of traditional hand-crafted shola in a contemporary design. Snowflake alpona adorns the floor as a golden snowflake forms the star atop the tree. Adding to the spirit of the region, traditionally woven ‘gamchas’ decorate the festive gift boxes beside the tree. While at ITC Royal Bengal, embrace the 19th century Dutch-Bengal style of Patachitra art. Hand-painted by local artist Soumyadeep Roy, this tree is a visualization of the traditional Nativity Scene, depicting the birth of Jesus. Through vibrant colours and a dynamic style – this tree illustrates people from across the world coming together to join in the celebrations of this festive season.

    ‘At ITC Hotels, WelcomArt initiative celebrates indigenous art, providing a platform to local artists. As per tradition our hand crafted Christmas Trees imbibe modernity, while rejoicing in the cultural heritage of the region. This is in keeping with our ethos of Responsible Luxury, part of the initiative to help sustain the intrinsic flavour of the region’ said Tejinder Singh, Area Manager East, ITC Hotels & Cluster General Manager, ITC Royal Bengal & ITC Sonar.