If you haven’t visited Marble Lake in Purulia, keep it as a “must visit” in your wish list


Travel Desk: When you think of Purulia, there is not much that comes to the mind apart from the essence of rural life and its agriculture. People often overlook the terracotta temples and beautiful natural sights that this town offers. One such forgotten place is the Marble Lake of Purulia. This offbeat place in West Bengal is concealed between Ajodhya Pahar hills and is an underrated destination.

Think about the dragon hills in Africa. You might feel like there’s nothing in West Bengal that can have a similar essence to the dragon hills; however, you could not be further from the truth. The Marble Lake is almost a realistic replica of the mountains in many ways. The Ajodhya borders lie before this lake, giving the lake a sight of the mountain ranges. The water body is serene, tranquil, and surrounded by magnificent forests. There is a marble canyon all around it, and the lake is continuously rejuvenated by rainfall, never running dry. Thus, it gives the tourist the geographical experience of hills, forests, and a water body. With the canyon surrounding it, the Marble Lake is a very unusual spot if you compare it to the topography seen in the rest of West Bengal, making it a must on your bucket list.

With all the diversity there is to offer, this lake is a popular spot for picnics. The ambiance and atmosphere make Marble Lake a fantastic place for de-stressing and conversations. Combine that with the view of the halcyon jungles, marble hills, and marble canyon, the sight is picturesque and can soothe sore eyes. Since this location is underrated and offbeat, visitors do not have to worry about crowds and enjoy peace and privacy. Click multiple pictures of the landscape to commemorate this place so that you can reminisce over the fond memories later.

Stones were quarried in this area for mining. This, in turn, aided the formation of the marble lake. It is a fragment of the Kangsabati River, which is surrounded by scenic beauty and marble. Tourists often set up camps by the river banks and enjoy a splendid bonfire. The lower density of the crowd is the best aspect of underrated destinations. This place is located before the Bamni Waterfalls if you’re heading towards it from Murugama village.