Huawei Mate 30 pro 6.7 inches, has four cameras!


The camera brought the phone and hooked it to Huawei. The Chinese giant has recently released the flagship P30 Pro in the world market, the Chinese giant is going to bring the Mate 30 Pro into its 6.7-inch ultra-modern LED display. Earlier, the company has brought the largest display flagships 6. 39 inches It’s a bit bigger than that. The buzz is that the phone will have the Kirin 985 chipset of Huawei’s latest 7 nanometer technology. Which is considered to be one of the most powerful chipsets.

Knowing that the phone will be a bit curve. It will be around the device. However, the curve above and below can be quite different. Changing is also brought to the device in charging. The rumor shows that the phone will have a powerful battery It will be 4200 milliampere. And there will be the latest Fast Charging 55W Super Charger technology.

As a result, it will be possible to charge the phone in a very short time. The information that is known to the end is that the phone can have four cameras and flash. The camera configuration can be similar to the P30 Pro phone camera. Many people are thinking that it might be like a 20-bit phone camera. But still the right news is not available. Anyway, waiting for a wait, again, what device did Huawei look for?