Government has sent notice to the Helo & TikTok


Popular social media app Tik Tok can ban once again. Government has sent a notice to the Helo app & Tik  Tok. The Government thinks that both of these applications are involved in activities against the country and therefore 21 questions have been sent and sought response from both platforms. In the event of no answer, the government can ban the Tik Tok and Helo app. Apart from this, the issue of hacking smart TVs is also in the Rajya Sabha.

The Swadeshi Jagran Forum has alleged that Tik Tok and Helo are using their platform for anti-national activities. The Tik Tok app has been charging such allegations before and it was also banned for some time. Tik Tok and Helo have released the statement saying they are ready to give full support to the government. The statement said, “We will cooperate fully with the government and we understand our responsibility. Our platform has got an opportunity to move forward in India and we are planning to invest one billion US dollars in India in the next 3 years. “The Ministry has also worried about the agreement with children’s privacy through these apps Obviously it is.