Georgia Andriani and Arbaz Khan are dating each others


Bollywood actress Arbaz Khan’s girlfriend, Georgia  Andriani has recently made a photo shoot, which she has shared pictures on her Instagram. Georgia Andriani and Arbaz Khan are dating each other for several months. Arbaz Khan was seen on several occasions with Georgia since his divorce from Malaika Arora. During this time both dinners used to be seen coming along.In this photo shoot, Georgia Andriani is wearing black monochini, which is also very bright.In pictures, Georgia Andriani is seen to have a very hot pose.

Georgia’s dress is designed by SR Store. Apart from this, his style was Devaki B.Adriana has already shared her hot and bold photos on Instagram.Another photo shoot of Georgia Adriani came out. These pictures were also liked by social media users During this time, Georgia had appeared in her own special style.