FTC investigating against Mark Zuckerberg’s agency


In the last year of the debate around the world, there was a debate about the Cambridge Analytica. The United States Federal Trade Commission (FTC) was investigating against Mark Zuckerberg’s agency. The US regulatory body agreed to end the investigation into the $ 500 million fine. The value of this compromise in Indian currency is more than 34,280 million. This news has been published in a US daily on Friday.

Although members of the divided committee, on the issue of Cambridge Analytica release, are only fined for leaving Facebook. It has also been revealed in this decision. In the US Federal Trade Commission, two Democrats in the 5 members of the Democrat said their objection. As a result, the matter is up to voting. Finally, in the exchange of 3-to 2 votes, Cambridge Analytica decision to allow Facebook to discontinue a copy of the US Trade Commission sealed the US Trade Commission.

Although it is willing to pay a huge fine, Facebook has not yet laid its foot in the US. Because, in order to finalize the compromise, they will need the approval of their office. Only after this approval will the official review of the Cambridge Analytica unkenbach read.

Although the full agreement has not yet been published. However, sources in the agreement said that restriction on Facebook can be applied to the use of personal information.