Enjoy the essence of the Mediterranean at Kolkata’s First Turkish Ice-Cream Parlour


Crazy Food Club : Do you remember those videos on Facebook where a Turkish guy plays with ice-creams, flipping them over and over again, teasing the customer who is in a comically helpless situation, trying to get the ice-cream? Have you felt fascinated by it to the point of wanting to experience it? Well, all you have to do to live that experience is going to Turkisyano in Kolkata. 

If you are bored of the same old ice-cream scoops and want some novelty, Turkisyano is the ideal ice-cream parlour for you. Forget about Tooti Frooties, sundaes, and two-in-ones, and instead, enjoy the wide variety of exotic Turkish ice-cream flavours. If there is something about Kolkata that genuinely tests the patience of its people, it is the humid weather. The dampness of the monsoons can make it worse. That coupled with heat waves are the reason why bars and ice-cream parlours are such hotspots in the city. People truly relish everything cold to beat the heat. Let the cold flavours from the Mediterranean take over your taste buds and counter the heat and humidity. 

Turkisyano is the first authentic Turkish ice-cream parlour not just in Kolkata but in eastern India. It is located at Lord’s more, near South City Mall. Not only does it incorporate the theatrics or Turkish ice-cream, but the menu is expansive, vast, and versatile, with flavours never seen or tasted before in the city of joy. One of the coolest facts about this parlour is how experimental they are with their menus. Turkisyano constantly toys with its menu and changes them to incorporate new flavours on the regular. Their Chocolate, DesiPaan, Vanilla, Black Diamond, and Strawberry scoops are some popular and staple favourites. 

Video Credit : The Crazy Calcuttan

However, the unique selling point of this joint is their Dondurma, an indigenous Turkish ice-cream. The texture of the ice-cream is stretchy, and it is served in crunchy cones. This is the popular ice-cream which is spun in front of the customer, playing with them. Even in Kolkata, a man dressed in Turkish attire spins the Dondurma while offering it to the customer. It comes in a variety of delectable flavours such as vanilla, pistachio, chocolate, and mango. Record the process of getting flabbergasted by the server who spins magic with the ice-cream cone. Getting to taste an ice-cream so delicious definitely feels like a triumph after the vendor pulls the ice-cream spinning tricks with the utmost proficiency in Turkish attire. It costs Rs 150 per scoop, and every dime is worth the taste. Two scoops of the Dondurma cost Rs. 200, while three scoops cost Rs. 250. The staff hands over a Turkish hat to the customer when this exciting ice-cream is ordered. 

Turkisyano is located in Lake Gardens, and the outlet opens at 6 PM. It pulls a large amount of crowd with its outstanding menu. Tag along with your friends and enjoy flavours of Central Asia while in Kolkata and combat the dreaded Kolkata heat.