Drink this drink at night to reduce excess fat


There is nothing you can do to lose weight. There is a strict diet as well as physical exercise. However, there is no time for exercise in a busy life. Eating again – irregularities in medicine. Due to these reasons body fat is accumulating. Finding a new definition of beauty in the belly.

The amount of chemicals in our daily food list is enough to make our body worse. Besides, there is the current sedentary lifestyle. The combination of the two reduces the body’s metabolism rate. The result is unwanted body fat. Leads toxin storage. However, detox drinks may not be an alternative to reducing excess body fat. You can easily reduce belly fat in this way.

Drink a glass of this homemade drink before going to bed at night. This will reduce your belly fat quickly. Let’s find out how to make a drink-

Half a lemon, 1 cucumber, 1 teaspoon ginger paste, a bunch of parsley (anise leaf) leaves or coriander leaves, 1/3 glass of water. Mix all the ingredients in the juicer and make the juice. Every night before going to bed, eat according to the rules and drink the result by hand.