Don’t get out in the rain, If you have done tattoo or piercing recently


The big design made from Permanent Ink on body is called tattoo. The fashionable ear worn in the face or other parts of the body is called piercing. Many people do piercing in the tongue despite their pain.If you have done tattoo or piercing recently, do not get out in the rain. This can cause you to be a victim of dangerous allergies. If there is a mosquito bite on the tattooed part, then you need to be careful.Permanent Ink used when making tattoo contains many types of chemicals.

These chemicals can be used for many times, but they can also be reactivated, but in such conditions as injuries or scars on the tattoo, it can be quite harmful.Often, due to wrong piercing , the wound becomes in the related part of the body. If the rain water in the monsoon falls on this part, it gradually becomes transformed into a large wound. In such cases, there is a risk of wounding and then you have to undergo a lot of surgery.