Directly provoking video will block Facebook!


Facebook is trying to bring its users under control after the barbaric attacks in two mosques in New Zealand. Meanwhile, Facebook has also partially controlled some sensors through various posts, including the removal of the video of the attack. Although at the time the victims were pressured or pressed on Facebook But now there is no pressure on any country, Facebook is going to bring control over the live streaming or video streaming of users.

There is no pressure, no inconsiderate or barbaric thing to do so; A major technology giant is going to make that decision, regardless of any kind of turmoil caused by the promotion, reliable technology-based media tec

The media says Facebook is thinking about how to handle live streaming on their platforms. Although they are saying that after the New Zealand attack the global pressure is going to make a decision on Facebook.

It is said that Australia has one of the leading roles in bringing live streaming restrictions to Facebook.

Confirming the Australian government’s pressure on Facebook, the country’s local media Sydney Morni Herald reported that the social network is already preparing to take stringent measures to bring its platforms to the torrential live streaming control.

The Facebook authorities will be meeting in the end of this month, with what the new restrictions of live streaming can be done. After the technology giant will officially announce the live streaming restrictions after meeting with representatives of the Government of Australia.

However, some sources have already told Sydney Morning Herald, if any user comes to live for the promotion of hatred, and if it is caught in a Facebook sensor, then the live promotion of that user’s Facebook ID will be blocked completely. There will be no option but to give live.