Deepika is seen within the character of Lakshmi Agarwal


Deepika Padukone is returning once more once a prospect. This time, the actor can tell the story of motivation. wherever she plays the role of an associate acid-stricken girl.

Deepika is back on the massive screen once her wedding. The limelight that he can exclude from comeback has been hinted at within the trailer of the new film ‘Chappaak’. within the two-minute trailer, Deepika explains that she is returning to bet.

Video By: FOX STAR

Deepika, as usual, acted as associate acid-affected Mithali character. This film is created by Meghan Gulzar supported the lifetime of Lakshmi Agarwal. Deepika is seen within the character of Lakshmi Agarwal. Not solely acting, Deepika is additionally the producer of the film.

Yesterday, Deepika herself declared the discharge of the trailer. Earlier, Deepika shared the shooting pic of her pic on her Instagram profile.

Apart from Deepika within the film, she has acted in Vikrant month ‘Chhapaak’ is free on Gregorian calendar month five next year.