Debina Bannerjee urges people who have recovered from Covid 19, to donate their plasma !


Plasma donation is a known life saver for many covid positive critical patients . The benefits of Plasma donation was seen early last year when Covid 19 took the world by storm. Ever since then, research has evolved and it’s a proven fact that Covid recovered patients can indeed donate their plasma 28 days post their recovery, if they are in good overall health and well being.

The couple who always sets goals be it fitness or relationship goals, Debina Bannerjee and Gurmeet Chowdhury took part in yet another heroic joint act. They had paid a visit to their local clinic and donated their plasma as both had recovered from Covid 19 and are in good overall health. Debina who is a powerful influencer via her platform Debina Decodes wherein she speaks on a variety of topics from skincare to mental health. She often talks about the importance of keeping yourself healthy, indulging in a clean wholesome diet and maintaining a balanced lifestyle. She took to her Instagram to urge people, her followers and otherwise, to come ahead and donate their plasma as it can help save lives of people that are currently battling from covid 19.