Cigarette addiction levels among women are increasing


Today the number of smokers in the world is increasing day by day. And it’s male or female. Although we all know what harm our body smokes. However, many women do not know about the damage done to them. According to the Global Adult Tobacco Survey, cigarette addiction levels among women are increasing at a serious rate. Doctors say that is much more alarming.

According to the American College of Obstetrician and Gynecologists, women and men are most likely to suffer from smoking, although women are more likely to suffer from all types of cervical cancer. The women who smoke also have six times more chance of cancer than other women who have cancer.

Age impacts

If somebody smoking for a long time, the skin of those women would be curled at a very early age. Even before the age of the men. Estimates of estrogen hormone decreased due to nicotine loss of normal functioning.

Heart damage

According to the National Institute of Health, smoking in women with smoking is 6 times more likely to be affected by heart disease.

Smoking cigarette

Irregularities on the date of menstruation

Men or women who smoke do not have normal menstrual or menstrual cycle. The trend of abnormal menstrual cycle increases by about 50 percent. Smoking of women causes problems at every stage of childbirth and also causes infertility problems.

Fetal damage

Carbon monoxide produced from cigarettes is the most common damage to fetal tissue. This increases the fetal heart rate. Almost 39 percent of cases are likely to be in Missouri. And after the birth of many children, weight is not normal. After smoking during maternal death, nitrogen was taken after breastfeeding. Which is later harmful to the baby.