Bringing forth a filmy twist this week is &TV’s situational comedy Aur Bhai Kya ChalRaha Hai


Bringing forth a filmy twist this week is &TV’s situational comedy Aur Bhai Kya ChalRaha Hai. Bittu Kapoor (Annu Awasthi), for his desire for the MLA ticket, tries to keep the Mishras (Ambrish Bobby and Farhana Fatema) and Mirzas (Pawan Singh and Akansha Sharma) away from the haveli. He chances upon an opportunity to have them ousted from the haveli in return for an MLA ticket. To succeed in this master plan, he involves a filmi connection and distracts both families in an audition for a small film. At the same time, Mishra proceeds on a tirth yatra, Shanti, Sakina and Mirza get an opportunity to display their hidden talents. Little does Bittu know that this will end up costing him his role in the film.

But the question remains, will he be successful in having the haveli to himself and eventually win the MLA ticket? Sharing more on the upcoming track, Annu Awasthi, aka Bitto Kapoor, shares, “We all have grown up sharing a common desire to act in at least one film at some stage of our lives. Building on the same thought, Bittu tries to distract the Mishras and Mirzas and drives them out of haveli temporarily. Finding this as a full-proof plan and as a free pass to his MLA ticket, he decides to use their filmi keeda to his advantage.”Akansha Sharma, aka Sakina Mirza, adds, “The upcoming track is my personal favourite! The audience is going to witness the never-seen filmy avatar of Mishras and Mirzas. All of us had a lot of fun doing this sequence as we had to dance and mimic our favourite actors. It was even more exciting to shoot outside haveli in a new location. A new place to make new memories! A shoot within a shoot is always fun. We thoroughly enjoyed each moment of the shoot and hope the audience will enjoy watching it as well.”