Birds an indispensable and royal part of the animal kingdom


    Fahad Bin Firoz, Dhaka, Bangladesh : Birds are part of nature’s blessing into the animal kingdom. We consider it an indispensable part of the animal kingdom. Birds were able to become flying machines largely through the evolutionary gifts of feathers, powerful wings, hollow bones, warm blood, a remarkable respiratory system, and a large, strong heart.If we consider it, they are well adapted to flight. But don’t you think we step into the battlefield when we steal them from nature.

    As for us, we consider ourselves the best animal species, well which is considerably true, but being the best, the strongest, and the most intelligent species, what courage do we build to steal them from their family, their environment. We as humans tend to fight out when we see children getting kidnapped. They as animals might not be as humans but they also are parents to other birds, they also have families which they want not to be disturbed. When we bring birds home as part of decoration and also mind pleasure, do we stop to think that birds like us can’t express their emotions when we steal their children? So if I stroll further into this statement, I consider it a really sympathetic and dreadful situation to steal them. We should stand and think about whether it’s the right choice to steal them.

    I state this as an argument on behalf of the bird species which is unable to express its feelings. I myself consider it opposition and strictly want this to stop and let animals live their own lives safely. And I am also against people who are hunting down not only birds but other animal species from the animal kingdom. Why should we use our power to hunt down an animal which is not needed at all? Why should we destroy the existence of a species and its name from the future generation knowing it and as well commit a sin? My last and concluding statement is that we should stop what’s going on in the present. past cannot be changed nor can the future be predicted, but we can change what the future is likely going to be and that even changing is hard but never impossible. So rather than destroying any life, we should stay ourselves relaxed and let them stay relaxed.

    Written By :

    Fahad Bin Firoz: Dhaka – Bangladesh