Best mask for covid protection


5 premium layers including 60 GSM pp spun bond, 25 GSM melt blown, 90 GSM pp hot blown cotton, 25 GSM melt blown and 20 GSM pp spun bond fabric.

It is hand washable and can be resued. It is made of soft & super light non woven & melt blown material which does not cause any irritation even after prolonged wearing.

The N-95 face masks are designed for looping over the head instead over the ears. This provides zero ear pain and freedom from the stress and strain on the ears. The length of the bands can be adjusted by positioning the beads correctly. The masks have a Nose Clip which provides more safety, grip & anti fogging.

The mask protects from exposure to airborne particles and has a 95% filter efficiency. It protects from exposure to pollution, dust, smoke and saves you from everyday pollution.