Asus 6z starts selling along with 48 megapixel dual rotating camera


Asus 6Z was launched in India in late June. As a result of the Supreme Court’s ban on ZenFone, Asus ZenFone 6 was launched as the Asus 6Z phone. The phone started selling in India at this time.

However, before bringing the phone to the market, the agency faced legal complications. The Supreme Court has banned Asus from using the name ZenFone on June 4 on the copyright breach. But within a few days they solve the complexity. According to ASUS, Asus ZenFone 6 will be launched in India by Asus 6z. The name of the phone will remain unchanged even if the name changes.

The phone’s teaser at the beginning of June, after watching this public flip camera, taking everyone’s attention. Besides, high-speed RAM, processors and chronic battery enthusiasts take a look.

A leader of ASUS claims that the focus of customers’ opinion is most important. And asus Asus 5z, after the arrival of the market, Asus researches users’ experience. The agency has looked at the mistakes of the previous phone. Besides, Asus has also analyzed the demand for smartphones in the market.

Take a look at Asus 6z’s specification and price:

1) Asus 6z has 6 RAM. Snapdragon 855 SoC Chipset for a great gaming experience Available in 64 and 128 GB internal storage variants. Array Variants will have 8 GB of RAM and 256 GB internal storage.

2) 48 + 13 megapixel flip camera for photos and landscapes. The camera’s headphone will work on the same side as the cellphone and rear camera. This camera setup has caught the eye of everyone at the launch of the phone. The Qamara app will include HDR Enhancement, Super Knight Mode, Professional Mode, Panorama Mode, and many more exciting features. It is claimed by the organization that it is one of the best cameras in this segment.

3) The display of the phone is 6.4 inches. Infinity Full HD Plus Display

4) 5000 mAh battery on this phone. This phone has the convenience of fast charging. There are also benefits of reverse charging. That means, this phone can be charged from another phone.

5) Fingerprint sensor and Face unlock facility.

6) Android 9.0 Pie as an operating system.

Asus 6z Price:

Asus 6z price starts from Rs 31,999 From 1 June this phone can only be found at Flipkart. No-Cost EMI offers also available.