Anil Kapoor is sick , going abroad for treatment


He does not understand. But in the times when there is a lot of age. Now he has been 62 years old. According to the age, no disease has bred her body. But he is 100 percent fit, but not so. He has suffered from shoulder pain recently. And that’s why he is going to go to Germany.

Anil Kapoor’s shoulder pain over the last few weeks He did not have any such profit by showing the doctor here. So he is going to Germany to do the treatment. But not now. His film ‘Total Dhamal’ will be released on 22 February. Then he’ll go to Germany. The actor’s intimate has revealed that he is hit by stunts in the film. It starts from the pain Anil Kapoor’s pain on the right shoulder sometimes is that of Anil Kapoor. So in April he took an appointment from Doctor Muller. All arrangements are absolutely ripe. Now just waiting to leave.