Anil Ambani’s Reliance Capital, in the crisis, huge asset to be sell


Anil Ambani to chase the tragedy? Anil Ambani’s financial institution, Reliance Capital Limited, has been facing a tough problem after his grandfather Mukesh Ambani saved him from being jailed for over a year. This time the company’s condition for the sale of Monasa! In the previous 5 years (until March 2018), Anil’s company’s dividend doubled, due to the lack of cash, Reliance Capital has been selling its $ 200 million worth of assets at this time. The country’s fifth largest mutual fund business is now under the control of Reliance Capital.

According to ‘Care’ rating, at the end of the last financial year, Anil’s capital of Reliance Capital has been hit by cash pricing of 11 million taka. Moody’s Investors Service unit and two local ratings agencies say that in May and June, Anil’s Reliance Capital has taken a debt burden of 2.5 billion dollars.