Amisha is alleged to cheat 25 million!


Bollywood sweet face Amisha Patel, She has won the hearts of millions of fans through acting. Now she has been accused of cheating 25 million rupees.

According to the name of Ameesha for the cheat of money, the police alleged that producer Ajay Singh . He complained that, in Ranchi, Amisha came to meet him. This actress took 25 million rupee for her production house. Then, Amisha signed a contract that he would return the money with interest and also share the profits of the business.

A cheque was sent a few days ago from Amisha’s Production House. But cheque that bounce. After that, the producer called Amisha. Amisha said that she would not refund the money and threatened the producer. Therefore, Ajay Singh has been file a case to the police.