“Allah will give me Tk 200 later on, just for helping” , a true story by Fahad Bin Firoz


    Ramadan Mubarak to all muslims here. Hoping all of us a fine and pleasurable Ramadan this year for all the sacrifices and patience against Food for Allah’s “neyamat”. We all will survive the pandemic and “Allah” will fulfill all our desires and serve our family with tons of blessings Inshallah. We all sit back home and relax during this Ramadan time. Although we think life at this moment is concrete, harsh and thereby throbbing. We all pray, recite “quran”, read “hadis” and learn to have patience and behave good with people as well as to call “Allah”.

    Have we ever thought that those lifesavers waiting under the scorching heat melting through their skin on the street to earn some pence for their family and food. We therefore never stop to think about them that they work so hard, every second during this Ramadan having patience on “Allah” that at the end of the day he comes up with feasting his family with Allah’s blessings and his own earnings. Sometimes only water is what they have while the day finishes for “Iftar”. Still they come up to pull us anywhere we want. Rather than fighting for money, can’t we just give some extra money as zakat thinking about them. Why don’t we understand that if we give them, Allah gives us 5 times better. But it’s sad to believe eyes that fighting for money is what happens in the world. We never think about the lifesavers out there for our safety and relaxation.

    Today I had to deliver food part of Mum’s business, so I got down on the street and a rickshaw puller came to help. I am blessed and glad he was here to help. So when I came back from delivery, he asked for 60 instead of “40 taka”. I thought that’s too much, but then my nerves made me realize, we all are the same mud, same beings, only some rich, some poor. I came to realize that during this Ramadan we are sitting home way more relaxed than them working so hard. I realized that he remembers Allah and stands for Allah’s patience and calls him.

    What I believe is that his single bit of sweat is worth it. He works full day keeping “roja” and working to help people. He is being so blessed. I thought to give away “20 taka” even if it’s big amount. But I know, giving him as zakat during Ramadan, Allah will give me “tk 200” later on, just for helping. So this is humanity and patience, my friends. Some might take it bad, some will take it as good. But try understanding the moral of the story… That’s it

    Fahad Bin Firoz Dhaka – Bangladesh