Akshay Kumar is not a citizen of India ?


In the Lok Sabha elections on April 29, Bollywood’s former star Twinkle Khanna voted in Mumbai. But her husband, Akshay Kumar did not vote on that day. Then the press said Akshay Kumar did not vote in the election, it is not right. He can not actually vote because he is not a citizen of India, he is a Canadian citizen. The Canadian administration gave him honorary citizenship. He has a Canadian passport. He does not want to leave the passport.

Akshay Kumar’s popularity in Bollywood, when he criticized the media for criticizing his citizenship, he opened his mouth. He wrote on Twitter, “I’m surprised to see some people so enthusiastic about some people who are so citizen of that country. They made a lot of negative comments about me. I have a Canadian passport, have I hid or denied it? I did not go to Canada once in the last seven years. I am working in India. I and my family are here. At the right time I am paying all taxes. ‘

He is very upset about his citizenship, who are making negative comments, talking about various things. In this regard, he wrote, “There was no evidence to prove my patriot in this year. Now why is my debate about citizenship being created? This is my personal, non-political and legal issues. No one needs to worry about it. ‘