After Alia, Jacqueline launched its own YouTube channel


Some time ago, Alia Bhatt launched her own YouTube channel ‘Aliabe’. Now, Jacqueline Fernandes has launched her own YouTube channel while walking on her path. In the first video, she was  showed his world with his own camera, in which she showed the journey from family video to modeling days, Bollywood audition and star. This was the first time that the actress was sharing her personal life in such a way that she gave her the name of the first video (The New Beginnings).

Video Credit:Jacqueline Fernandez

Jacqueline will also share the special things associated with her life with fans through his videos. She will share all the things in life with videos in her videos. She told that from the beginning of the morning to the other things she will share the blog.Through this channel, the actress will share the story of her straw. Together they will give special tips to those who want to make a place in Bollywood.