After a year off, India-China joint forces resume from 11 December


The journey begins in Chengdu, Southwest China. India and China have challenged this challenge to combat terrorism and increase mutual understanding. This campaign has been named as ‘Hand in Hand’ by both countries, that is, in conjunction with hand-to-hand negotiations.

In 2017, the complexity of diplomatic relations between India and China over the formation of China’s path to the Bhutan Dakumuli. Since then, the tension of the two countries continues. In April this year, Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s visit to China began to melted. As well as on November 24, India’s representative delegation of India-China border meeting, National Security Adviser Ajit Doval On the other hand, China’s Foreign Minister Wang E The meeting was finalised by the decision of the joint venture, news agency sources said.

This is a military exercise starting from 11 December. It will continue until December 23. 100 troops from India and China will take part in this force. Joint forces have been named ‘Hand in Hand’, that is, the purpose of this army force is to promise to fight in the hands.