Acceptance of 3 Point demands by Farmers will Bring Agriculture 2.0


Digital Desk: Legalize MSP, Paradigm shift in the Agricultural institutions to provide better Extension services and Modern technology and option of going to Courts to end resentment beyond SDM. In the wake of government suggestion as a clause by clause response for further negotiation over the three Farm Bills, Rashtriya Kisan Mahshanga with other leaders of Sanyuka KisanMorcha have sought for 3demands.

The agriculture community is riddled with several challenges. The biggest difficulty is that the farmers do not get the price they deserve for their produce. This is mainly because of multiple intermediaries. Lower returns force them to take loans that they cannot service, pushing them further into poverty. They do not have access to the effective and superior quality of Crop Protection solutions and technology like Drones, Robotics etc. Additionally, Indian farmers lack the means to strengthen their groups and reach global market to export their commodities directly.

Addressing the issues of the farmers, Shiv Kumar Sharma, President, Rashtriya Kisan Mahashangha added , “Apart from legalising MSP issue, there are other two issues in the context of the farmer’s bill. One of them is the SDM court being the final authority. Farmers are demanding that SDM court should not be the final authority for all issues related to the case of resentment. Two the need to create a robust environment for access of latest technology in agro inputs such as new advancements in technologies ranging from robotics and drones to Artificial Intelligence. Use of technology in agriculture will improve farmers access to markets, input data, advisory, credit and insurance

What do the farmers need ?

To get the legal status for MSP because Mandis are regulated by State government. Union government extends financial support to state government. At least we need an executive order for this. Verbal promises won’t work. Farmers need statutory support.

Access to new and better technology: Since Contract between Farmer and Procurer is going to revolve around quality, Grades and standard of the Produce. There is huge availability of Spurious and fake agro input in the market which drains our income. In this system we require a robust environment to access cutting edge technology. “We don’t know why we farmers pay 18 percent GST on Pesticides and why government is creating such an environment where no latest technology is coming to the country” says Abhimanyu Kohad the Spokesperson of RKM. Further He says if Government cannot provide extension services then why don’t they allow it happen in PPP mode to ensure proper stewardship. There is huge corruption among officials involve in agricultural administration where we need probity and transparency. We demand Data protection for new technology in crop protection and transparent process for registration to end fly by night operators and ghost companies.

The key focus points will redress some of the long standing demands of the agriculture sector and bring our farming practices up to speed with the farming regulations in developed economies. We will end the current stalemate if Government accept these demands and address our issues.