9 injured in Serampore train crash


Train accident in Serampore in Hooghly, nine people injured. The two tracks were coming from different directions on the same track, due to which both of them collided. One of these was Seoraphuli local train and another train engine. The speed of the local train was very high, and as a result, he took the engine back to 100 meters, in which the engine was completely wasted. The reason for the accident is due to sudden change in the engine by the engine. From the first track on the second track, at the same time suddenly appeared in the opposite direction in the Savori area.

The time of the accident happened at 4:30 pm. The injured persons were admitted to nearby Walsh Hospital. Of the injured persons, 2 drivers of train engine and 7 people from local train. The original center of the accident is the place between Serampore station and the railway gate.