5 reasons the male’s sexual orientation is damaged


It is normal for an adult to have a juvenile gait. But today, so much adulthood and laziness surrounds us that it is not very unusual to lose out on sex.

At one time in 50-60 years, the man’s sexuality would remain intact, but now when it is above 30, everyone starts losing grief and energy. Are not we responsible for this?

The tasks that reduce your sensitivity

  • Smoking and drinking

Day by day smoking has become as natural as breathing, and alcoholism is in high estuary. Many people are becoming more infectious with this.

Studies have shown that most of the men have E.D. or sexually transmitted infections, smoking or drinking.

  • Anxiety

Man’s life is no longer his wife but anxiety. It gradually destroys the normal function of your body, which does not exclude sexual ability.

  • Weight control

If weight is more, sexual desire decreases. So it is better to keep weight low? Not even If the weight is less than normal, it also reduces sexual power.

  • Do not exercise

Studies have shown that those who exercise regularly have more sex capacity than others. Regular exercise also increases the amount of blood circulation in the body which helps increase your juvenility.

  • Drugs

Many people take drugs that have less harm than anybody knows about it. However, there are also some medications (such as painkiller, contagious drugs), whose side-effects reduce your sensitivity.