12 Tips for full sexuality


Sex is normal for couples. And there are some ways to make this natural thing enjoyable.

  1. See romantic movies
    If your sex life is becoming a problem, then change the habit of watching daily TV or video. Both of them together watch some romantic movies. There can be new enthusiasm in sexuality.
  2. Eat coffee
    Coffee is very effective in increasing sex. But this does not need to drink too much coffee. Two cups of coffee will be available in the day.
  3. Be open
    There is no problem being open for sex in a specific time. And the couples who sleep in their nostrils are better than others. So consider the openness.
  4. Exercise in front of you
    Do the exercises that are leaning forward, do more practice. These are also in Yoga. Studies have shown that these types of practices delay the period and allow for longer sex.
  5. Exclude smoking
    Due to smoking, problems arise in the sex ratio of men. Besides, it also creates problems in perfect satisfaction. So if smoking is excluded, sex will be more enjoyable.
  6. Take the fragrance
    Take fresh fruits or fragrances of food. Researchers say the smell of food increases the sexual desire of the woman. Apple’s aroma, on the other hand, enhances the sexual orientation of men.
  7. Wear red clothes
    Red clothing lure men into sex. So if men wear red clothes, men are interested in sex. Besides, women can also be interested in men’s red clothes.
  8. Arrange in purple colors
    If the bedroom is decorated in purple, then there will be speed in sex. This is known in a study. Researchers said that purple colour encourages sex in comparison to all other colours.
  9. Eat some food
    Several foods encourage sexuality. These foods include jingzhen, pumpkin seeds, garlic, chocolate, bananas and mussels.
  10. Take the child late
    Children should be late for good sex life. In one study among five thousand couples, couples who have no children are satisfied with others in sex life.
  11. Kiss
    If you kiss more, it will increase the sexuality of couples a lot. It also plays a role in increasing intimacy. It is more important for women than men.
  12. Eat Dark Chocolate
    Chocolate, especially dark chocolate increases the interest of sex. However, it is not only about interest but it also increases the content of sex and helps in organisms.